Big problems solved through gathered intelligence, synthesised into world-class campaigns.

What we do

Dark Matter uncovers and contextualises the truth about technology culture.

We utilise research methods that provide deep insight to brands and governments, informing strategies and campaigns that leverage our anthropological studies, behavioural science and creativity. Experts in raising market awareness and tackling evolving challenges, we offer objective, honest, and creative solutions for lasting change.

Our principles

There may be drama in the truth,
but it will be just that, the truth.

Our research and campaign content
is based upon validated evidence,
gathered first-hand from across the globe.

Our approach is non-coercive and ethically
factual; with a commitment to not mislead
audiences or distort information.

Our core mission

To develop initiatives for organisations that seek to drive positive change in the development of our technological future.

We are committed to unpicking conventional sales and marketing tactics to speak the truth. We do this by a ruthless endeavour to evolve our knowledge by speaking to technologists, business leaders and policymakers.

We believe that democratising opinion and fostering healthy debate can shape the future of our relationship with technology.

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